"Imagine Sign" in New York Central Park, John Lennon Memorial

“Imagine Sign” in New York Central Park, John Lennon Memorial

Who you ultimately decided to put your trust in during the eleventh hour of this historically epic election that shook the world is only one facet that makes up your individuality. This election has created stronger bonds with some friendships while annihilated other relationships. The anger, the violence, the primitive acts of individuals on both sides is all based on one emotion. And that emotion is undisputedly F-E-A-R. Fear of the unknown!

Some of the population believes that their views and opinions in the political sphere are the only views that every American should bestow into their every fiber of being. And based on their impregnable political beliefs, some resorted to bullying by exerted themselves to convince their opposing countrymen that their political ideologies are a farce. From immaturely ostracizing friendships and family members to violently dragging an individual out of his automobile and barbarically pummeling him into submission because he didn’t share their political beliefs.

Not one of us can predict what lies immediately ahead of our great nation, including both Secretary Clinton and president-elect Trump. There is a magnitude of variables in every pressing decision that needs to be addressed. People are currently fearful of losing freedoms like sexuality and same sex marital rights. And there are some who are currently fearful of their lives.

Physically or mentally beating each other, defecating on public sidewalks, and threatening to kill others who don’t believe certain political beliefs has never and never will be the unitive trajectory.

Fear is at the root of these implausible behaviors – fear of what might or might not happen. And fear causes major biological changes like tensing of muscles and contracting the blood flow from the forebrain where logical thinking occurs to the hindbrain where irrational “baby reflexes” originate. Fear is the common link to every hostile reaction we as a nation have been witnessing these past few months.

As peoples of America, we are each responsible for our individual behaviors. We are a land of great intelligent people. It’s time to discontinue our focus on our differences and to forge ahead with propositions of unity. The answers to our most consequential social issues are never on the right wing or left wing, but rather, somewhere in the middle. And the only plausible approach to shield the very freedoms that every American has either been bequeathed from our forefathers or has recently fought for during our past administration is to bring together our minds and spirits and work together.
It’s time to put aside our diplomatic differences and unite so America can live as one!