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Christopher Sasha has been a self-proclaimed health nut for most of his life, and after noticing friends and family aging quicker, he traded in his bespoke suits from his years in the finance industry for gym clothes and became a personal trainer. His career working as a personal trainer for Chicago’s elite CEOs lead to his book, Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time.

He poured himself into trying to find the answers to lowering the risk from developing today’s most common chronic diseases, armed with the knowledge that genetics don’t play as large of a role as we have been led to believe. Knowing we have more control over our health than we believe, Christopher Sasha is focused on delivering that knowledge to people and helping them take charge of their health and wellness through his work as a TV personality, public speaker, host of the Healthy Bodies Talk radio show, a contributor for a national health magazine, and a health instructor on Udemy.


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The "Skinny" Hormone: Never Diet Again
95% of all dieters regain all of their lost weight – Become one of the 5%
Overweight and obesity is not the result from a lack of willpower or discipline; it’s a biological issue. Cutting-edge science explains why diets will most certainly lead to more weight gain. Say goodbye to low-fat, low-carb, and fad diets and discover how to manipulate the “skinny” hormone so that you never have to diet again.
  • a recently discovered hormone that’s been nicknamed the “skinny” hormone;
  • how this hormone dictates if we get fat or if we get skinny;
  • what factors disrupt this hormone, leading to weight gain, and
  • the 5 rules to control this hormone so that you NEVER HAVE TO DIET AGAIN!
Using Cutting-Edge Science to Reverse Type II Diabetes Without Meds
With type II diabetes affecting our planet in biblical proportions, it’s clear that conventional medicine is failing to control this degenerative disease.
A perpetual dispensing of poisonous drugs flooding medicine cabinets may be causing more harm than good. What science is finding now is that type II diabetes is not just an insulin resistance problem. It’s much more! And if not all culprits to this disease are addressed, further complications are certain to emerge.
  • What are the true causes of diabetes?
  • Why drugs are not the knights in shining armor to reverse or cure this chronic disease
  • Discover the two main things you can implement in your life immediately to start reversing type II diabetes today
Untruths That Are Keeping Us Fatter

Since the advent of the Internet and Social Media we have infinite information at our fingertips. And with this great power comes great responsibility to sift through the truths, half-truths, and flat out untruths of weight management. In this talk, we explore some of the more popular misconceptions of weight loss. Is running an hour per day better to burn fat than resistance training? Are those cups of joe to carry you through the slumps of the day keeping you from losing those extra pounds? Find out the science behind these misconceptions and more. Conventional health recommendations are being questioned and revised each day as new science debunks our traditional beliefs of weight management.

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