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Functional Health Transformation

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The 4-Week Functional Health Transformation course is designed with proven cutting-edge science leading the way to health. Cursory diet programs to achieve sustainable optimal health have, and always will, fail in the long-term. New concepts are brought to the student that, if applied, have given lasting results. This is not a course for those seeking quick-fix solutions to long-term health issues. it’s a course that delves into health issues on a cellular level to deliver lasting health.

Our bodies are homeostasis organisms so when we experience health issues it’s our bodies telling us that we are not in balance. Conventional medicine tries to correct the problem. But our bodies are also systemic organisms. So these drugs sometimes mask the current issue only to cause an interruption with the system as a whole, which leads to other health issues – and more drugs.

Cutting-edge science has identified chronic inflammation as the root cause to chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, obesity, and more. Trying to treat the health issue on the surface with drugs never cures the disease. The body as a whole needs to be addressed. And that’s not how our current drugs work.

So what causes inflammation, which eventually breaks down the body leading to excess weight and other chronic ailments? Our diet is the largest culprit. But stress, toxic chemicals, viruses, and infections are also big players in the release of inflammatory chemicals like tumor necrosis factor- alpha (TNF-a) and interleukin-6 (IL-6). Inflammation makes TNF-a. TNF-a produces the production of fats cells. And fat cells make TNF-a. This all creates a vicious cycle of continual weight gain. The more weight you gain, the more TNF-a is produced, and the more inflammation is created, which makes you gain even more weight.

Obesity is only one disease resulting from chronic inflammation. Besides the diseases from the aforementioned paragraph, hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), Crohn’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, and many other diseases are also results from chronic inflammation.

The five pillars of health include nutrition, movement, stress management, hormonal balance, and personal beliefs. Neglecting just one pillar will keep you from obtaining sustainable optimal health. In the 4-Week Functional Health Transformation course, you’ll learn powerful concepts that have helped some of my clients reverse prediabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, lower inflammatory markers that lead to diseases like heart attacks and strokes, and, of course, lose weight and keep it off.

6 reviews for 4 Week
Functional Health Transformation

  1. Palmer Woodroe

    This course has explained a lot about not only my weight issues but also bringing other things like stress issues and beliefs that I had no idea effects my overall health. The instructor explains everything in a simple way to understand how health is effected by much more than the number on the bathroom scale. I have to admit that this course makes you think outside the box but it all makes sense. Good job explaining these concepts and why I keep gaining all of my weight back after every diet I’ve been on over the years!

  2. L. Mclveen

    Great info, very informative! I couldn’t have found this course at a better time. Perfect!

  3. Scott Allan

    Interesting information….

  4. Pam W.

    I didn’t realize how unhealthy my diet was until I did the homework in the first session. Taking his suggestions I lost 5 POUNDS in one week!

  5. M.Ward

    I never knew my thoughts are part of my health issues. Plus I enjoyed the relaxation I got from the yoga section of this course.

  6. M. Jackson

    A fantastic course. He is incredibly knowledgeable and presents excellent explanations. I’ve read tons and tons of books on health, fitness, metabolism, weight loss, and other related topics, and none of them cut to the chase like he does. I still learned some new things…even having studied this for a long time… and I haven’t even finished the course — I cherry picked the lectures of interest and now I’m going back to hear them all! Great stuff.

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