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I’ve been researching and practicing how to create the fountain of youth my entire career. And what I’ve learned has helped me slow down the aging process while staying disease-free. I love to share my successes with those who understand that the greatest wealth is health. If health is a priority for you, we need to connect. Here are a couple of ways to access my knowledge and experience.

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The "Skinny" Hormone: Never Diet Again
95% of all dieters regain all of their lost weight – Become one of the 5%
Overweight and obesity is not the result from a lack of willpower or discipline; it’s a biological issue. Cutting-edge science explains why diets will most certainly lead to more weight gain. Say goodbye to low-fat, low-carb, and fad diets and discover how to manipulate the “skinny” hormone so that you never have to diet again.
  • a recently discovered hormone that’s been nicknamed the “skinny” hormone;
  • how this hormone dictates if we get fat or if we get skinny;
  • what factors disrupt this hormone, leading to weight gain, and
  • the 5 rules to control this hormone so that you NEVER HAVE TO DIET AGAIN!

Christopher’s dedication to helping others live well is second to none. Not only does he help them transform their bodies through physical fitness and eating right but he inspires them to renew their mindset and develop a new perspective on life which results in uncovering unlimited potential. Good health plus a great mindset equals greater overall success.

Monica Davis

Bestselling author, Publisher, Exceptional People Magazine